Turn your envy into admiration

There will be room for everyone to shine in the workplace of today and tomorrow

Work relationships are often complex and challenging. Workplace dynamics are often multilayered and intriguing too.

In the current disruptive working environments, older and less tech-savvy workers are often subordinates to younger and more technologically competent superiors. Such working situations can lead to feelings of inferiority and hopelessness as both parties struggle to work harmoniously — the younger boss wanting his or her charges to deliver high-quality work on time, or earlier, and the older subordinates struggling to make sense of the computer systems, let alone produce the desired outcomes.
If this struggle is not addressed competently, both workers can be frustrated and this can lead to unhappy or unexpectedly harsh words being said, and work relations can be hampered or wrecked irreparably.

Navigating such scenarios can be tricky, and feelings of envy and inferiority can be destructive hindrances. But with wisdom, time, discretion and some humour, this envy and/or inferiority can be channelled towards productive and not destructive ends, if these steps are followed:

  1. Admire your boss for his or her capabilities
    While it can be hard to work under a younger boss who may not be as understanding or empathic as your peers, recognise that he or she got to the leadership position on merit and ability. Changing your preception will be the first step towards the re-angling of your work approach.

What do you think about these thoughts? I would love to hear more from you about how the older workers relate to their younger bosses.

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