The story is not over yet…

Don’t be afraid to be an audience of one for your convictions

Events of the past few months may not have put us in a good mood or helped us feel hopeful about the state of the world. But we can rise above our circumstances if we have the right playlist which gives a clear perspective.

These observations I have made since the middle of 2016 help me think about the bigger picture, understand human dynamics better and make me smile at the end of a frustrating and messy day (which is often). Do let me know how you feel about these personal views.

  1. Love yourself. You are special and one of a kind. Anyway, all the other selves have been taken. Living somebody else’s life is like putting new wine in an old wineskin, or the other way around — it will not work and the cracks will soon show.
  2. We often worry too much about what other people think. But really the people who matter, will not mind. And the people who mind, don’t matter.
  3. Wise men say that good newspapers and good journalism are a nation talking to itself. I wonder who the nation is talking to now.
  4. Ventriloquists may soon be back in business. With all the fake news and alternate facts going round, they could share the same nonsense and still sound objective.
  5. The most important things in life were really taught in kindergarten. Saying please and thank you, looking out for your friends, not cheating, being kind and being polite. When these qualities die out in adults, see society collapse.
  6. At work, know the cleaning staff and janitors and thank them for their service. They are usually the first ones who greet you and they will do anything for you if you treat them right.
  7. Be kind to as many people as possible. As you climb up the corporate ladder, they can help you up. And when the time comes for you to step down, they can help quash you indiscretions.
  8. There are no such things as self-made men (or women). Everyone got to where he or she is thanks to a giant, a benefactor, a mentor, or all three.
  9. As Nobel Prize winner Rabindranath Tagore said, children are the proof that God has not given up on the world.
  10. Know as many people under the age of 7 and over the age of 70 as possible. Kids under 7 teach you to play and think differently, and those over 70 help you turn your thoughts into a strong skeleton.
  11. Don’t think out of the box. There are no boxes or walls anymore.
  12. I don’t think the problems of the world are because of the wrong answers. I think we are still asking the wrong questions, or miss asking the right ones.
  13. When we were younger, our parents nagged us and gave us a lot of unsolicited advice. Now that we are older, we miss those voices, and realise that the advice was right.
  14. Stand up for your convictions but review them regularly. If nobody follows you, it does not necessarily mean you are wrong. If everyone follows you, it does not always mean you are right either.
  15. If you are alone with your convictions, you are in good company. Winston Churchill stood alone against Hitler’s hordes, Gandhi was often alone against the British Empire, and Abraham Lincoln often stood alone against the forces that wanted to maintain slavery.
  16. Rich or poor, privileged or marginalised, famous or obscure, we have no excuse to discard our manners, dignity and convictions. A poor man with manners, dignity and values is a guest in palaces, but a rich man who is boorish, uncouth and unprincipled may soon find himself on the dung heap of history.
  17. Your strongest opponent is the person you see in the mirror every day.
  18. Every day, be a better version of the person you were yesterday.
  19. Whenever we want to criticise the younger generation, stop and remember which generation raised them.
  20. When people misunderstand your good intentions, be kind. When your good name is dragged through the mud, be kind. When friends leave you all alone because of a stand you have taken, be kind. When you fall from grace, be kind. When life deals you a bad hand, be kind. Be kind, be kind, BE KIND.
  21. When you are famous, people will jump on your bandwagon and share your fame. But when the celebrity status fades, those friends will look for a new flavour of the month, week or year. Cherish those who stand by you through fame and obscurity.
  22. Be grateful for the hard and bad times that you went through. They strengthened you and made you who you are today.
  23. Stepping out of your comfort zone is often scary and uncertain. Staying in your comfy spot is often safe but unfulfilled and unhappy. Choose which life you want, because you may have less time than you think.
  24. We attract the people we are scripted to be drawn to. People who love to fix others attract people with loads of problems. If you want to change your life and social network, change your inner script and sing new songs.
  25. Don’t worry. The story is not over yet. As long as there is one act of kindness, one act of selflessness, one act of compassion, one act of paying it forward, one act of rising against corruption, or one act of coming together to help mankind, the earth will rotate another time and the sun will shine. So smile:)

Loves storytelling in all its forms, from books to movies to videos and all else. Life is a story and I want to fill each chapter with life or lives well lived

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