I am just one
Nobody in front, no one beside, not one behind me
Just one and my convictions — me and myself
While the others have bowed in conformity, I have stood tall.
I have known that this day would come.
And I prepared for the time when I would be my own captive audience,
The only voice is my own, the others try to drown me into silence
But I will not be cowed
I will stand firm, or fall alone.

The voice of conviction used to be louder, with more strength
But little by little, all moved away.
Convinced by cheap promises and offers of rest.
It takes time and courage to keep fighting
Long after heart and nerves and spirit are gone.
But I’d always marched to a different drum
Melodies of fields, of trees and heroes free
Who chose death over servitude, and freedom over slavery
Willing to bear small loss for eventual grand victory

Am I able to turn the tide?
Naysayers sneer, not in any way or stride.
I will be crushed by the inevitable wave,
Rolling over me and entering inside
Me to force acceptance of my fate,
Saying resistance is futile, bend and bow
To the benefactor’s precious care and respite.
Forsake the cause, I am all alone,
My name will not even merit a line on a tombstone.

I know that I am but the tip
Of an iceberg deeply loaded
With the cries of the oppressed and
Blood of those who went before me.
The echoes will resound and grow
To rise in a crescendo of light and
Topple the tower of gloomy darkness.
I may be one but I am hardly alone,
A quiet mouse now but wait and hear me roar!

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Loves storytelling in all its forms, from books to movies to videos and all else. Life is a story and I want to fill each chapter with life or lives well lived

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