The Benefits of Alone Time

Such a miracle of technology is best celebrated alone

Many people fear being lonely. When we were young children, we often cried or were terrified when our parents or loved ones left us alone, even if it was for a very short time. If our parents, siblings or loved ones were not within our lines of sight, that would be the start of a crying war and later feelings of abandonment and isolation.

Fast forward to our teenage and adult years, and we feel the joys of companionship and togetherness, especially if in the company of a significant other or soulmate who understands you and reciprocates your love and concern. Yet others struggle with loneliness and being alone for long periods of time. This may not be through any character flaws of their own making, but may simply be phases in the walks of life.

While loneliness can be a debilitating emotion that can lead to depression and even suicide, being alone should not and need not be necessarily considered as a death sentence. Rather, having sufficient amounts of alone time can be therapeutic and even balming to the soul, and an important stepping stone along the path to personal improvement.

Being alone is a balm? Therapeutic? Before you dismiss me as a crackpot, pray consider these great benefits of alone time:

  1. You learn to be comfortable with yourself, your quirks and idiosyncrasies (as long as they do not lead to suicidal tendencies or becoming a sociopath or psychopath).
  2. You can inhabit a zone of calm, far different from the arguments and quarrels you may have had in the past. Such quietude can be an opportunity for a much-needed personal reflection.
  3. Handled properly, alone time can lead to honest and in-depth personal reflection on one’s flaws and character, which can be the harbinger of a period of personal improvement.
  4. You are free to visit the places you want to visit, eat the food you never tried before, and watch the movies you wanted to watch — all within reason of course. But most of all, being alone can save you the trouble of having to defend your ideals or choices with naysayers.
  5. You learn to accept and love yourself, warts and all. And this in turn frees you to love others wholly and without expectations of getting something in return.
  6. You can learn to slow down the pace of your life and decide to focus on what makes you more productive, not busier. That in turn leads to a more efficient and effective person.
  7. You can appreciate a good book, better appreciate a sunset or other wonders of nature, or listen to good music without interruption.
  8. You can turn your alone time into gratitude time, where you list all the things that you are grateful for. This gratitude connects you deeper with God and the Divine, leading to a profound spiritual and emotional awakening.
  9. Alone time can lead to a deeper appreciation for your family members, loved ones and friends.
  10. When you spend your alone time well, and learn from its lessons, you will be better equipped to appreciate others and live the life of community. And when you can love yourself through your alone times, you will be ready for when the love of your life arrives.

Do you consider being alone as a blessing or curse? I would love to know what you think about being alone as opposed to being lonely. What do you think about being alone?

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