Thank you for sharing this Benjamin. I concur completely. I used to coast along in life until 2015, when my life fell apart and I had to rebuild my life from ground zero. I have begun to apply these principles since then and it has been painful to move in the new life. But friends and teachers and mentors came along when I least expected them and they helped me and did not judge or condemn md. Thanks to them and my faith in God, I have been able to slowly navigate my life to new paths and new beginnings. I still feel the loneliness and brokenness but I remind nyself that I am happier now than I was before. I will continue along the new path to my new life and hope. I know new hope will come my way, slowly but surely.

Loves storytelling in all its forms, from books to movies to videos and all else. Life is a story and I want to fill each chapter with life or lives well lived

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