“I hear the whole country telling young girls to not wear skirts to school, to not travel alone at night, to cross their legs, but why aren’t you telling our boys to not rape?… Every time I enter a party where a man tells me, ‘don’t go alone it’s not safe’ why is it not okay for me to tell my fellow male friends, ‘don’t go alone this late, you may rape a girl’.”

This double standard is not unique to India but is also found in many other countries including the so-called ‘developed’ and ‘enlightened’ nations. I wish that education can eradicate the double standard, but as you also know, education loses out to prejudice, the blame game and racism. Why? Because the latter qualities make it easy for us to think and not get a headache! Because they are the path of least resistance. Saloni, lazy thinking is the enemy and that can only be removed through concerted resistance through critical thinking and tenacity in the face of odds. Thanks for bringing this to our attention Saloni…it can never be too soon or too late.

Loves storytelling in all its forms, from books to movies to videos and all else. Life is a story and I want to fill each chapter with life or lives well lived

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