Good things come in small packages

Jesus said King Solomon was never dressed as well as any of these beauties

Many of us live our lives looking for that big break, the chances that will turn our lives around and move us from the stage of mediocrity or the average to the extraordinary.

But that mindset can hinder us from finding the goodness in the everyday things that life presents us. And in doing so, we can miss the still small voice of God or the Divine speaking to us and guiding us along the path that will bring us true happiness instead of the illusions we mistake for happiness, such as fame, wealth and celebrity status.

So the next time you feel down and are on your quest for the extraordinary life, turn your head from time to time, and look out for these little miracles to brighten your days.

  1. The beauty of the wild flowers and grasses.
    Jesus said that even King Solomon was never dressed so beautifully as these creations. And it costs nothing to see them!
  2. The spontaneous laughter of a child.
  3. The hugs of a friend whom you have not met for a long time.
  4. Cerulean blue skies and waters, almost so clear that you could see past the clouds or the water surface.
  5. Chocolates and candies.
  6. A sudden call from the person whom you have been thinking about the whole day.
  7. How a stranger’s face lights up the moment you spare him or her your best smile.
  8. The joy of wine or beer with friends.
  9. The peaceful and tender trust a child places in you as you hug or carry him or her.
  10. Playing with a child and behaving like a child in the process.
  11. The call from a friend telling you about a wonderful job you did earlier.
  12. Compliments from friends and family.
  13. Unexpected gifts from friends and family.
  14. The joy you feel when a “prodigal” friend or relative returns to the right path.
  15. Dancing with a child with full abandon.
  16. Pranks with friends.
  17. Quiet moments with the one you love.
  18. The joy of reading good books.
  19. Simple yet tasty and delicious food.
  20. Ticking off in your head the things you are grateful for every day.
  21. Singing or dancing in the rain.
  22. Dressing for comfort and not to impress.
  23. Cracking your head over a good gift for a friend or relative.
  24. Love with no desire for anything in return.
  25. Humming simple songs you love.
  26. Remembering and memorising poetry.
  27. Meetings that go so well you don’t realise when one hour turns to two, and then to three.
  28. Knowing there is someone who loves and cherishes you, and that you love and cherish that someone too.
  29. When you have friends who date back to when you started school or kindergarten
  30. Making lists like this one, and many more besides.

‘The world is so full of a number of things, I’m sure we should all be as happy as kings’ — Robert Louis Stevenson

Do things like this make you happy?

Remember: Happiness may be just right under our noses in more ways than we think. So here’s to thinking and seeking simple and happy things!

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