Good things come in small packages

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Jesus said King Solomon was never dressed as well as any of these beauties

Many of us live our lives looking for that big break, the chances that will turn our lives around and move us from the stage of mediocrity or the average to the extraordinary.

But that mindset can hinder us from finding the goodness in the everyday things that life presents us. And in doing so, we can miss the still small voice of God or the Divine speaking to us and guiding us along the path that will bring us true happiness instead of the illusions we mistake for happiness, such as fame, wealth and celebrity status.

So the next time you feel down and are on your quest for the extraordinary life, turn your head from time to time, and look out for these little miracles to brighten your days.

  1. The beauty of the wild flowers and grasses.
    Jesus said that even King Solomon was never dressed so beautifully as these creations. And it costs nothing to see them!

‘The world is so full of a number of things, I’m sure we should all be as happy as kings’ — Robert Louis Stevenson

Do things like this make you happy?

Remember: Happiness may be just right under our noses in more ways than we think. So here’s to thinking and seeking simple and happy things!

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