Don’t dump the bad times

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No water is too murky for flowers or grass to grow.

We are often advised to keep the good times in mind and put the bad times in the past to be forgotten. Conventional and well-intentioned wisdom holds that the bad times in our lives need to be forgotten and we should move on towards our lives’ progress.

But this way of thinking is erroneous. For the bad times, much as we may shudder to recall them again, have their own share towards our eventual good. This list puts the good, the bad and the ugly in their proper perspective.

  1. The bad times have made us who we are today
    Were it not for the bad times that befell us, we may have remained stuck in bad decisions, destructive relationships, or purposeless lives. The bad times forced us to confront what we had been sweeping under the carpet in the past and deal with it.

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