What we mere mortals often think about celebrities:

  1. They have made it big and they are living the good life, make that the life of their dreams.
  2. They are dedicated craftsmen who work hard and are great role models.
  3. They married the women/men of their dreams and have the perfect children and families.
  4. They have more money than they can spend and give back generously with their money and time to their community and charity.
  5. They have clear views and make their views known to their fans.
  6. They respect and are grateful for their fans as they played an important part in making the celebrities who they are today.
  7. They are willing to spend time with their fans and their families.
  8. They have attained the great American/British/Australian (put in the country of your choice) dream.
  9. They live exemplary lives as they understand that they are under public scrutiny.
  10. They are trendsetters whose Facebook posts, Twitter accounts, Instagram posts always show them at their best.

What the real deal about celebrities is:

  1. The ‘good life’ usually consists of late-night booze parties and drugs and women (who are not their partners or wives) are often part of the deal too.
  2. Film directors and music producers often admit that some of these celebrities are prima donnas who think the world owes them a living and they are often rude, caustic and professional liabilities to the projects they work on.
  3. Few know that their ‘perfect marriages’ are shams. Their children are often in trouble or estranged and their partners have other lovers on the side. But little is known until the news breaks about their separations or divorces.
  4. Many celebrities often do not know how to manage their fame and riches and have been known to spend money like water and land in bankruptcy courts.
  5. Many of them are rude in public, show little respect for authority and are often disrespectful even of their partners and children.
  6. Many celebrities view fans as nuisances, especially those who want selfies with their favourite stars. If they could have their way, the celebrities would prefer anonymity and often wish they could go back to before they were famous.
  7. While many celebrities spend time with their fans and their families, many others have been known to be rude and obnoxious to fans.
  8. Their lives are often anything but the American/British/Australian (put in the country of your choice) dreams.
  9. They often have crazy escapades and many of them have become notorious as well.
  10. Many celebrities have had brushes with depression, anxiety, bulimia, anorexia, sexual abuse, abandonment, low self-esteem and lack of confidence. Many of them have been jailed, cheated by those close to them, and even taken their own lives.

These view reflect much of what has been written in the newspapers and web portals. While exemplary celebrities who are great role models come to mind, they are often too few and far between.

Want a taste of the celebrity life? You may want to think again.

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