Among the lines of the song The Impossible Dream are the lines “to love pure and chaste from afar” and “to try, when your arms are too weary” in the reach for an Unreachable Star. Reading your story, I was reminded of that beautiful and inspiring song. Christopher, true love does not seek one’s self-interests but looks out for others, and nothing beats that great feeling when you (and I) have spoken into or helped another life, regardless of whether we get any credit for it or not. May these thoughts inspire us in our quests to reach our own Unreachable Stars.

“And the world will be better for this,

That one man, scorned and covered with scars

Still ran, with every last ounce of courage

To reach that unreachable star”

Loves storytelling in all its forms, from books to movies to videos and all else. Life is a story and I want to fill each chapter with life or lives well lived

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