Our Creator longs to connect with us in private and public squares

Why Pray?

To understand God’s heart, we must spend time with Him, as children talk to their father.

The prayer of a righteous person has great power as it is working. (James 5:16, ESVUK)

Jesus calls us His friends and talking to God through prayer develops a deeper relationship with Him (John…

What began as an exercise regimen soon became a daily breakfast phenomenon that turned our lives around through this pandemic situation

Last year, before the coronavirus pandemic hit Singapore, I began an exercise regimen to lose weight and achieve a more fit and toned body. I began with regular workouts…

The COVID-19 pandemic had turned 2020 upside down for me and my loved ones. But unexpected angels turned up to cheer me on and bring light into the gloom

What can I say about the year that is coming to an end? I had great plans lines up for 2020 but it seemed that God has His own ways of wanting to get my attention.

When COVID-19 hit Singapore and the country soon had to go on lockdown followed…

What I learned of God’s plans for me after more than eight layoffs

Don’t worry, doors and windows will open.

Those were the words my sister and brother-in-law shared when I told them the unexpected news on 18 August this year.

The words were a rock of sustenance and strength as I faced the days and weeks that followed.


For several years, the…

It seemed inevitable that the pandemic would change my dreams for 2020; little did I know, or see, what God had in store

I can still remember the plans I had made for this year. Come this month (November), my cousin and I had planned to visit a friend in South America, after which Christmas would come upon us, and it would then be more festivities before ringing in 2021.

Then COVID-19 came…

Spiritual maturity, like its physical counterpart, is a marathon and not for the fainthearted. We must be made of sterner stuff

The growth of any living thing is a long-drawn process. Many baby animals are mobile soon after they are born but human babies have to go through stages of crawling, waddling and falling before they can walk and run confidently.

Nevertheless, we can gauge our growth by how we progress…

Some battles are harder than others, yet through the grit and fire, those who know their Commander in Chief stand out

In October 2019, our company had to lay off about 130 staff members. It was one of a series of nearly eight such actions that I had gone through since I joined about 20 years earlier.

That fateful October day, my team’s staff count was reduced from 13 to seven…

What the Nazarene did during His time on earth was way beyond what any superhero could and would do

Everyone loves a hero or heroine, even the most cynical and skeptical among us.

Picture this scenario: The people are suffering due to injustice and evil and the victims cry for help.

Then there comes a message telling of a powerful being who will defeat the villains and return the…

Arulnathan John

Loves storytelling in all its forms, from books to movies to videos and all else. Life is a story and I want to fill each chapter with life or lives well lived

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